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Marcy I have enjoyed working with you ove the last two years, because you are serious about staying fit.  You push us just hard enough to make us want more out of life.  I look forward to our early morning workouts three days a week and I feel better about my health.


I’ve been taking a boot camp class with Marcy since September 2011. She is by far the best fitness instructor I’ve ever had. The motivation she provides each week has kept me on my fitness quest. I’ve never been in such great shape! She makes me want to stay healthy and she throws in a bonus, by sharing great fitness and healthy eating tips on a regular basis.

JoAnn 50s

"Younique Fitness is exactly what I needed to reach realistic fitness goals. Not only is she your trainer, but Marcy also becomes your best friend throughout the entire process. Her educational background plus her vast fitness knowledge will give you a trainer that cannot be compared to the rest. If you want CHANGE, Marcy will give that to you! Thanks for everything you do!

Lorena, age 30s

I never thought that I would look forward to working out, well until I completed the TFC with Marcy of Younique Fitness. When I first began, I felt like giving up. I hated running and everything associated with working out. However, after time, I realized that I was getting much stronger. I was running longer distances, my body was changing and I was losing pounds, which was amazing. My lifestyle changed after working with Marcy. She taught me that working out had to become a lifestyle change along with making healthy eating choices, but most importantly she taught me that I can do anything for “20 more seconds” so I kept pushing forward. Today, I am committed to working out. Thank you Marcy for changing my life! Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle pushes me every day.

Ernette, age 40s 

As an African American woman, it was extremely important to me to find a personal trainer who would understand that while I am classified as 'obese' on theweight charts, I do exercise regularly and watch what I eat most of the time. Also, I wanted a female trainer who could connect to me emotionally and understand why there are times I simply do not want to workout and why I turn to food when stressed. In addition, I needed a trainer I could look at and respect for practicing what she preaches. I could not imagine working out with an overweight trainer. I needed to see someone in shape to motivate me.

I expressed my concerns to a friend, and she suggested Marcy. Initially, I was nervous about Marcy, but I knew that I needed a no nonsense person with LOTS of patience and a serious exercise plan that would yield results. So, I have been working out with Marcy since December 2012. Prior to working out consistently with Marcy, I had not lost weight in about 2 years! I would go down a pound or two only to gain it back later. The first 3 months of working out with Marcy, I
did not lose weight or inches. So, she told me to not focus on weight loss, but non-weight related goals (e.g., how my clothes fix, how I had improved my endurance, etc.). We decided that I would write down everything I eat, exercise consistently, and not use the scale as a means of determining if I was succeeding or not. However, today, I got on the scale and found out I am down 11 lbs!

Working out with Marcy, I have learned (1) consistent exercising and eating right are keys to healthy and successful weight loss and go hand-in-hand (2) and writing down what I eat enables me to see at what times I eat more and understand why (e.g., stress). As a result, I am able to recognize foods and situations that trigger unhealthy eating.

I would encourage anybody that is really serious about wanting to obtain results to workout with Marcy. The workouts are intense, but the end result is a healthier you. Also, you will gain a sense of pride at seeing improvements to your body that are not limited just to weight loss, but a toner, slimmer, and healthier you.

Thanks Marcy for your patience, kindness, constant encouragement, and exercise

D. Jones
August 24, 2013

I have had the pleasure of training with Marcy Fulmore over the last 5 years. She has held one-on-one strength and cardio workouts with me as well as leading group sessions. Her ability to motivate and provide varying and interesting workouts is a real plus. Marcy also has an in-depth knowledge of proper exercise techniques, nutritional recommendations and an overall high fitness IQ to better serve her clients. What I really love about Marcy is she will do the workouts along side of you. Unlike some instructors who stand and watch, she brings her energy to each exercise while assuring her clients that they are using proper form and technique. This will allow her clients to fully benefit from her workout sessions.


I would highly recommend Marcy to anyone who is looking to improve their health through diet and exercise while experiencing an energized workout specifically tailored to that individual’s fitness level.

Donna, age 50s

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